Enter the purchase price and current salvage value of the boat into the calculator to determine the boat’s depreciation.

Boat Depreciation Formula

The following formula is used to calculate boat depreciation.

D = (OP - SV) / OP * 100
  • Where D is the boat depreciation (%)
  • OP is the original purchase price ($)
  • SV is the salvage value ($)

To calculate the boat depreciation, divide the difference between the original price and the current salvage value by the original value, then multiply by 100 to get the depreciation in percentage.

What is boat depreciation?


A boat depreciation, just like any other depreciation, is the total percentage of value lost on the boat over time due to wear and tear and current market conditions.

How to calculate boat depreciation?

Example Problem:

The following example problem outlines how to calculate a boat depreciation.

First, determine the original purchase price of the boat. In this example, the original price was $50,000.00.

Next, determine the salvage value. This is the value that the boat could currently be sold for. In this case, the salvage value is $25,000.00.

Finally, calculate the boat depreciation as a percent using the formula above:

D = (OP – SV) / OP * 100

D = (50000 – 250000) / 50000 * 100

D = 25%