Enter the boulder length, boulder width, boulder height, and boulder density into the calculator to determine the boulder weight.

Boulder Weight Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the weight of a boulder.

Wb = L*W*H*d
  • Where Wb is the Boulder Weight (lbs)
  • L is the boulder length (ft)
  • W is the boulder width (ft)
  • H is the boulder height (ft)
  • d is the density (lbs/ft^3)
    • Sandstone Rock = 150 lbs/ft^3
    • Limestone Rock = 175 lbs/ft^3

To calculate the Boulder Weight, multiply the length, width, and height to get the volume, then multiply by the density.

What is the weight of a boulder?

A boulders weight is determined by its total volume and the density of the type of rock. Not all boulders have the same density.

How to Calculate Boulder Weight?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to estimate the weight of a boulder.

First, determine the length, width and height of the boulder.

In this case, the boulder is measured to be 5 ft, 6ft, and 4 ft respectively for the length, width, and height.

Next, determine the density of the rock material.

For this example, the rock is pure limestone which has a density of roughly 175 lbs/ft^3.

Finally, calculate the boulder weight using the formula above:

Wb = L*W*H*d

Wb = 5*6*4*175

Wb = 21,000 lbs