Enter the initial voltage, time, resistance, and capacitance into the calculator. The calculator will display the total voltage discharged and remaining.

Capacitor Discharge Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the discharge of voltage across a capacitor.

Vc = Vi * e^ -t/(R*C)

  • Where Vc is the voltage discharged
  • Vi is the initial voltage
  • t is the total time
  • R is the total resistance of the circuit
  • C is the total capacitance of the circuit

Capacitor Discharge Definition

A capacitor discharge is the total energy loss or voltage loss in a circuit due to capacitance.

Capacitor Discharge Example

How to calculator capacitor discharge

  1. First, determine the initial voltage

    Either measure or calculator the initial voltage entering the capacitor.

  2. Next, determine the total resistance

    Measure the total resistance of the capacitor.

  3. Next, determine the total capacitance

    Measure the total capacitance of the capacitor.

  4. Finally, calculate the voltage discharge

    Using the information from steps 1-3 and the equation above, calculate the total discharged voltage.


What is a voltage discharge?

A voltage discharge is a loss of voltage across a circuit due to the capacitance of components or specifically capacitors.

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