Capacitors in Series Calculator

Enter the capacitance of up to 8 capacitors in a series to calculate the resulting capacitance in that series. Leave any remaining sections blank after entering your values.

Capacitors in Series Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total capacitance of a capacitors in a series.

1 / C = 1 / C₁ + 1 / C₂ + 1/Cx

  • Where C is the capacitance of each capacitor.
  • X is each number of the total number of capacitors

Conceptually, this equation can be thought of as the sum of all of the inverses of the capacitance in the series. In other words, take the inverse of each capacitance, and add them all together.

As you can see from the equation above, the capacitance of a series of capacitors is lower than the capacitor itself. This is in contrast to a set of capacitors in parallel which in fact increase the total capacitance.

Capacitors in Series Calculator

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