Electric Field Calculator

Calculate the electric field of a system. Enter the total charge and distance to calculate the electric field at that specific distance. This calculator evaluates the magnitude a an electric field at a given distance.

Electric Field Formula

The formula used to calculate the magnitude of an electric field at a given distance is as follows:

E = k * Q / r²

Where E is the magnitude of the electric field

k is Coulomb’s constant which is equal to 8.9876 * 10^9 N * m² / C²

Q is the charge point

R is the distance

What is an electric field?

For many people, electromagnetism is nearly magical. That is, it’s a very abstract concept to grasp since you can see any of the work happening when these forces are present. An electric field is a volume of area that exerts a force on charges.Which can be repulsive or attractive.

How to calculate electric field

To calculate the electric field at a given distance, you first need to calculate the Q, or charge point of the system. This charge point is the total amount of charge in the system, which is usually measured in elementary charge, e. This is difficult to conceptualize, but the total charge is equal to the number of free electrons.

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