Calculate the electric field of a system. Enter the total charge and distance to calculate the electric field at that specific distance. This calculator evaluates the magnitude of an electric field at a given distance. This calculator can also determine the point charge or distance given the electric field and either of those values.

Electric Field Formula

The formula used to calculate the magnitude of an electric field at a given distance is as follows:

 E = k * Q / r^² 
  • Where E is the magnitude of the electric field
  • k is Coulomb’s constant which is equal to 8.9876 * 10^9 N * m² / C²
  • Q is the point charge
  • R is the distance

To calculate the magnitude of an electric field, divide the point charge by the distance squared, then multiply the result by Coulomb’s constant.

Electric Field Definition

An electric field is a volume of area that exerts a force on charges, which can be repulsive or attractive.

Electric fields are created by electric charges. These charges can be points or volumes. On an atomic scale, the electric field is a force between the nucleus of electrons that holds all matter and atoms together. Electric fields and magnetic fields are part of the overarching electromagnetic force.

The following example will show you how you can calculate the electric field of a point charge.

How to calculate an electric field force

  1. First, you must determine the total charge of the point charge

    This is typically done empirically, force this example we are going to assume the point has a charge of 1,000 coulombs. Generally speaking, this could be fairly low depending on the application.

  2. Next, the distance at which you are calculating the electric field must be determined

    At this stage, the distance you are calculating the electric field at is either given, or you must choose it. For this example, we will say the distance is a total of 5 meters. This is a very large distance in magnetic field terms.

  3. Finally, enter the information into the formula

    We have all of the necessary data to perform our calculation. If you don’t wish to manually enter it into the formula, you can simply use the calculator above.

  4. Analyze the results

    Analyze the answer for accuracy and apply what’s been learned, the last step in all scientific problems.


What is an electric field?

An electric field is a force exerted on charged particles by an opposing charge.