Coulomb’s Law Calculator

Enter the charge of object 1, the charge of object 2, and the distance between them to calculate the electric force between them. Calculate the attractive or repulsive electric force between two objects.

Coulomb’s Law Formula

The formula for the electric force between two charged particles is as follows:

F = Ke * q₁ * q₂ /r²

F is the electrostatic force between the two objects

q1 is the magnitude of the first charge

q2 is the magnitude of the second charge

r is the distance between them

Ke is coulomn’s constant which is equal to 8.98755 * 10⁹ N * m² / C²

How to Calculate Electric Force

The electric force between two points is calculated through the above equation. This force acts on the shortest distance between the two points. The force can be either repulsive or attractive. If both are positive or negative it will be repulsive. If they are opposite, they will attract.

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