Enter the capacity (C) and the Voltage (V) of a capacitor to calculate the energy (E) and charge (Q) stored in that capacitor. A capacitor is an electronic instrument used to store an electrical charge.

Capacitor Energy Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the total stored energy in a capacitor.

E = 1/2 * C * V²
  • Where E is the energy
  • C is the capacitance
  • and V is the voltage.

To calculate the capacitor energy, multiply the capacitance by the voltage squared, then divide by 2.

This calculator also determines the charge of the capacitor, which is typically calculated through the following formula:

Q = C*V
  • Where Q is the charge
  • C is the capacitance
  • V is the voltage

Another aspect of calculating the energy stored in a capacitor is the type of capacitor. This could be either parallel plates or spherical capacitors. In each case, however, these plates carry charged particles that are made up of a certain amount of energy. This energy in turn creates an electric field, which is a type of potential energy.

Capacitor Energy Definition

Capacitor energy is defined as the total energy that can be stored within the electrical component capacitor.

How to calculate capacitor energy?

How to calculate capacitor energy?

  1. First, determine the capacitance.

    The capacitance is determined by the design and material used in the capacitor.

  2. Next, determine the voltage.

    Determine the voltage moving through the capacitor.

  3. Finally, calculate the capacitor energy.

    Calculate the total energy stored in the capacitor using the formula above.


What is capacitor energy?

Capacitor energy is defined as the energy stored in a capacitor due to its capacitance and the voltage running through it.

What are the units for capacitor energy?

The units this calculator uses are Farads (F) for capacity, volts (V) for voltage, coulombs (C) for a charge, and Joules (J) for Energy. It’s important that the units entered in the calculate above match these, otherwise, the resulting calculation will be incorrect.

Capacitor Energy Calculator