Enter the contract length, phone price, and monthly bill into the cell phone plan calculator. The calculator will return the total cost of the plan over its lifetime.

Cell Phone Plan Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the total cost of a phone plan.

TC = PP + MB * CL
  • Where TC is the total cost of the phone plan
  • PP is the price of the phone
  • MB is the monthly bill
  • CL is the contract length

To calculate the cell phone plan cost, multiply the monthly bill by the contract length, then add the price of the phone.

How to calculate a phone plan cost

  1. First, determine the price of the phone

    If the price of the phone is included in the monthly bill, leave that section blank and ignore this step.

  2. Next, find out the length of the contract

    This will be the total contract length of the cell phone plan.

  3. Next, find of the monthly bill

    Sometimes the price of the phone is included in this monthly bill and other times it is not.

  4. Finally, calculate the total cost.

    Use the formula above to calculate the total cell phone plan cost.


What is a cell phone plan?

A cell phone plan is an agreement between a cell phone company and customer to pay a set monthly bill for use of its services.

Does my plan include the cost of the phone?

This depends on the contract. If you already owned a phone before the contract and are keeping that phone, it’s likely not included in the bill.

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