Enter the total number of gallons of water you used, and the price of water in your area in $/gallon to calculate your water bill for the month. This calculator can also evaluate the amount of water used or the price of water given the other variables.

How to calculate water bill

Calculating your water bill is simple arithmetic. You simply use the following formula:

  • Where WB is the water bill ($)
  • GWU is the gallons of water used
  • POW is the price of water ($/gallon)

To calculate a water bill, multiply the total gallons of water used by the price of the water per unit of gallon.

Gallons are the most used unit of measure for water in the US while liters are used in Europe and much of the rest of the world. The average person uses about 88 gallons of water per day which is equal to 32,000 gallons a year. You might be thinking that’s a crazy about of water, and it is. There are outliers that drive this number up, but for the most part, you actually do use that much water.

This is not only affecting our environment but also your wallet. As water shortage increases, the price will increase and be passed along to you. It’s best to develop good habits now before that happens.

How to reduce water bill

5 Ways to reduce your water bill.

  1. Take Shorter Showers

    Around 45% of the water you use daily comes from your bathing and cleaning. With that in mind, shortening your showers is one of the best ways to reduce water consumption

  2. Clean Your Dishes by hand

    As mentioned above, much of your water consumption comes from cleaning. The dishwasher is a large part of that. Cleaning by hand can reduce that water usage by 25%

  3. Let you lawn and flowers live and die with the weather

    The greatest use of water in the US is for outdoor watering of yards and plants. You could reduce your water bill by 50% if you just leave the fate of your garden and yard to the weather.

  4. Clean Your Clothes by Hand

    Cleaning your clothes by hand can reduce water consumption by 20%.

  5. Invest in a lower water usage toilet

    25% of all water consumption comes from flushing the toilet. You can reduce this greatly simply by purchasing a new toilet.