Enter your electricity usage and current cost per unit of electricity into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display your total electricity cost.

Electricity Cost Formula

The following formula is used to estimate a total electricity cost of a house or appliance.


  • Where EC is the electricity cost
  • P is the rate of power consumption
  • T is the total time the power was used for
  • CPKWH is the cost per kWh

Electricity Cost Definition

An electricity cost is defined as the total cost to power any type of appliance that uses electricity.

Electricity Cost Example

How to calculate electricity cost?

  1. First, determine the power consumption

    If looking at a single appliance, you can find this information on the device. If analyzing an entire household, you must add up all of the power consumption of the appliances in use.

  2. Next, determine the time

    Determine the total time the appliances will be running for.

  3. Determine the electricity cost per unit

    Determine the total electrical cost per KWH.

  4. Calculate the total cost

    Enter the information from steps 1-3 into the equation to calculate the total electricity cost.


What is electricity cost?

Electricity cost is the amount charged to you for the use of electricity to power devices and appliances in your home.

How much does electricity cost?

The national average cost for electricity is 13.19 cents per kilowatt hour. This will vary by location and even time of day.

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