Enter the total power usage in (kW), the cost of electricity, and the hours of usage into the calculator to determine the kWH cost.

kW to kWh Cost Conversion

The following formula is used to convert a power usage (kW) into the cost (kWh cost).

kWh-c = TC / (P*T)
  • Where kWh-c is the kWh cost ($/kWh)
  • TC is the total cost of the electricity used ($)
  • P is the power usage (kW)
  • T is the total time of usage (hr)

To calculate the kWh cost, divide the total cost by the product of the kW and time of usage.

What is kWh Cost?

A kWh cost is a metric used to describe the total cost of using electricity per kWh.

A kWh, short for kilowatt-hour, is a metric that describes power usage per hour.

Example Problem

How to calculate kWh cost from kWh?

The first step in calculating a kWh cost from kWh is to determine the total cost of the electricity/power usage over a period of time.

For this example, the total cost of electricity was $100.00.

Next, determine the total power consumption that the device or household was running at on average for the time period.

In this case, the entire household was averaging a power consumption of 10kW.

Next, determine the total number of hours that the cost and power usage occurred during.

For this example, the power usage was for a full 24 hours.

Finally, calculate the kWh cost using the formula above:

kWh-c = TC / (P*T)

kWh-c = $100 / (24*10)

kWh-c = $.416/kWh