Enter the total number of contact time (hours) into the calculator to determine the equivalent number of continuing education units (CEUs).

CEU Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the number of continuing education units:

CEU = CT / 10 
  • Where CEU is the continuing education units
  • CT is the total amount of contact time (hours)

To calculate continuing education units, divide the total contact time by 10.

The total contact time can further be broken down into the following equation:

CT = (MFA - MNAA) / 60 
  • Where MFA is the minutes for all activities
  • MNAA is the minutes for non-allowable activities

CEU Definition

A CEU, short for continuing education unit, is defined as 10 hours of contact of learner interaction with the content of the activity achieving a goal of supporting a learning outcome.

These units are used to evaluate professionals’ ability to continue learning and keep or maintain their licenses in their fields.

Example Problem

How to calculate CEU?

  1. First, determine the total minutes of all activities.

    For this example, the total minutes for all activities was 400 minutes.

  2. Next, determine the total number of non-allowable minutes during that time.

    The amount of time of non-allowable minutes was 60 minutes.

  3. Next, subtract the non-allowable minutes from the total.

    400 – 60 = 320 minutes.

  4. Finally, calculate the total number of continuing education units.

    Using the formula above, the number of CEUs are calculated to be:
    CEU = CT / 10
    CEU = 320/60/10
    CEU = .533