Enter the total number of credit hours attempted and the total number of credit hours completed to determine your completion rate.

Completion Rate Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a completion rate.

CR = CC / CA *100

  • Where CR is the completion rate (%)
  • CC is the total credits completed
  • CA is the total credits attempted

Completion Rate Definition

A completion rate is a term used in education to describe the percentage of credit hours completed out of the total number of credit hours attempted. While this term is most often used in education, this could be used in a more general sense to say the completion of any task. For another example, you could enter the number of questions on a test and the number of questions completed. This would also yield a completion rate.

Why did my completion rate go down?

A completion rate will go down any time a student fails to complete or pass a course that they attempted. It can also temporarily decrease if you are not yet finished the course yet the attempted credits are still counting.

What is the average completion rate?

US-based colleges have around a 60-70% completion rate on average. This includes all students, even those that have dropped out, so the completion rate of those that stay in college is typically slightly higher.

Why have college completion rates declined?

A decline in college completion rates can be associated with both an increase in course difficulty, but more importantly, ad increase in acceptance rate. With money on the line, colleges want to increase their student base as much as possible which means less qualified candidates get in and end up failing out of more classes.

Completion Rate Example

How to calculate a completion rate?

  1. First, determine the total number of credit hours attempted.

    Add up all of the credit hours of all of the classes for the semester or time period.

  2. Next, determine the total number of hours completed.

    Calculate the total number of credit hours completed.

  3. Finally, calculate the completion percentage.

    Calculate the completion percentage using the equation or calculator above.


What is a completion rate?

A completion rate is the percentage of credit hours completed to credit hours attempted of a person in college.