In the radius of the cylinder and the height of the cylinder into the calculator to determine the cylinder capacity.

Cylinder Capacity Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a cylinder capacity.

V = pi*r^2*h

  • Where V is the cylinder capacity
  • r is the radius of the inner lining of the cylinder
  • h is the hight of the inner portion of the cylinder

Cylinder Capacity Definition

What is a cylinder capacity?

Cylinder capacity, also known as tank capacity, is a measure of the internal volume of a cylinder or tank.

In other words, this is how much space is inside the cylinder that is available for storage.

Example Problem

How to calculate cylinder capacity?

The following example outlines the steps necessary to calculate the inside capacity of a cylinder.

First, determine the radius of the inner lining of the cylinder or tank. In this case, the radius is found to be 4 feet.

Next, determine the height of the cylinder. For this example, the height is measured to be 20 feet.

Finally, calculate the cylinder capacity using the formula above:

V = pi*r^2*h

V = 3.14159*4^2*20

V = 1005.308 ft^3 (cubic feet)