Enter the length and inner diameter of a column into the calculator to determine the column volume.

Column Volume Forumla

The following formula is used to calculate the volume of a column:

V = L * pi * D^2/4 /1000
  • Where V is the volume (ml)
  • L is the length (mm)
  • D is the inner diameter (mm)

To calculate the column volume multiply the length by pi times the inner diameter squared, then divide by 4000.

Column Volume Definition

A column volume is defined as the amount of space taken up by the interior of a column.

How to calculate column volume?

To calculate column volume, first, determine the length of the column. For this example problem, we will use a length of 500 mm.

Next, determine the inner diameter. This can also be substituted for the inner radius, but the formula that would be used would slightly change to L*pi*r^2. For this example, the inner diameter of the column is found to be 20 mm.

Finally, calculate the column volume using the formula above:

V = L * pi * D^2/4 /1000

= 500*3.14159*20^2/4/1000

= 157.08 mL.

If you want to convert this further to display the result in liters instead of milliliters, divide the result above by 1000 again. This yields:

= 157.08/100

= .15708 L