Enter the diameter or radius of the well, the total depth, and the total depth until you hit the water to determine the well volume. This calculator also converts the well volume into liters.

Well Volume Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a well volume.

WV = pi *r^2* (H2-H1) 
  • Where WV is the well volume
  • r is the radius of the well hole
  • H2 is the total depth of the well
  • H1 is the total depth until hitting the water

To calculate well volume, calculate the cross-sectional area of the hole, then multiply it by the difference between the total depth of the well and the depth until hitting water.

Well Volume Definition

What is a well volume? A well volume is a term used to describe the total volume of water contained within a well. Most often it’s only the volume that has water, not the full volume of the well.

Well Volume Example Problem

How to calculate well volume?

  1. First, determine the radius of the well.

    For this example, we know the diameter of the well is 10 feet. To find the radius, we simply divide the diameter by 2 = 5 feet.

  2. Next, determine the total depth.

    From the top of the well opening to the very bottom of the well is found to be 40 ft.

  3. Next, determine the depth to water.

    From the top of the well opening to the top of the water is 30ft.

  4. Finally, calculate the well volume.

    Using the formula above, the well volume can be calculated as pi*5^2*(40-30) = 785.3975 ft^3. The units for this problem are cubic feet, but in general, they will be the cubic version of your distance units. It’s important to make sure the units of radius and depth are the same for accurate calculations.

About Well Volume

How to calculate well volume in liters? To calculate well volume in liters, you first need to calculate the well volume in a standard unit like cubic meters or cubic feet, then multiply by the conversion factor. For example, 1 cubic meter = 1000 liters.