Enter the density of the liquid and the mass of the liquid into the calculator to determine the liquid volume. This calculator can also determine either liquid density or mass if the other variables are known.

Liquid Volume Formula

The following is the liquid volume formula:

LV = M/d
  • Where LV is the liquid volume
  • M is the mass of the liquid
  • d is the density of the liquid

To calculate a liquid volume, divide the mass of the liquid by the density of the liquid.

Liquid Volume Definition

A liquid volume is simply defined as the total volume of any liquid or combination of liquids.

Can you measure liquid volume?

One way to measure liquid volume is to pour the liquid into a finite container, measure the height it fills the container, and then determine the liquid volume by calculating the contained volume and multiplying by the ratio of the liquid height to the total height.

Do liquids change volume?

In most cases, liquids such as water are considered incompressible and this means they do not change in volume with pressure or temperature. There are some exceptions to this rule, but in general, it holds true.

Does liquid have volume?

Yes, liquids absolutely have volume, but unless the liquid is defined in a container, it would be impossible to measure the volume of said liquid with normal techniques. One way to determine the volume is through the formula above.

Is liquid volume the same as capacity?

Liquid volume can be the same as capacity only if the capacity is defined such that the liquid volume at 100% of the container is specified as the capacity.

Why should liquid volumes be read at eye level?

Liquids, like water, have a property called adhesion. This is the attraction of the water to other surfaces. When looking at a container filled with water it’s important to read the measurement at eye level because the water will adhere to the walls and may appear to be slightly higher than it truly is if you are looking at it from an angle.

What tool measures liquid volume?

The most common tool used to measure liquid volumes is graduated cylinders. These are containers with liquid volume measurements for when a fluid is poured into the beaker.

How to calculate liquid volume?

  1. First, determine the total mass of the liquid. Pour the liquid into a container to measure the total mass.
  2. Next, determine the mass of the liquid through a table lookup. For water density, this would be approx. 997 kg/m^3.
  3. Finally, calculate the liquid volume using the formula LV = M/d.
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