Pipe Volume Calculator

Enter the inner diameter and the length of any pipe to calculate the total volume of that pipe. This is useful in many fluid applications and engineering.

Pipe Volume Formula

The volume of a pipe can be calculated with the following formula:

Vp = PI * r^2 * L

  • Where Vp is the pipe volume
  • r is the radius of the pipe
  • and L is the length of the pipe.

How to calculate the volume of a pipe

The following example is a step by step guide on how to calculate the volume of a pipe.

  1. The first step is to analyze the equation presented above to determine what variables are needed in order to to solver the problem. As you can see above, both the radius and the length the piper must be known to calculate the volume. Note that the radius is the inside radius of the piper.
  2. The next step is to measure or calculated the radius. For this example we will assume the inner diameter is given as 4m. To calculate the radius simply divide by 2 to get 2m.
  3. Now, the length of the pipe must be determined. Using a measuring tape or caliper, you find that the length of the tube is 10 meters.
  4. Finally, enter the information found above into the equation to find the volume of the pipe. Vp = pi * 2*2*10 = 125.66 m^3
pipe volume calculator

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