Enter the run between angles, horizontal offset, and vertical offset into the calculator to determine the travel of the rolling offset.

Rolling Offset Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a travel distance of a rolling offset at 45 deg.

T = SQRT ( S^2 + H^2 + V^2)

  • Where T is the total travel distance
  • S is the set or total run between angles
  • H is the horizontal offset
  • V is the vertical offset

Rolling Offset Definition

A rolling offset is the total travel distance or total length of a pipe that connects two disjointed pipes, most often at a 45-degree angle.

Rolling Offset Example

How to calculate a rolling offset?

  1. First, determine the set distance.

    This is the straight line distance from the first connector to the second connector.

  2. Next, determine the vertical offset.

    Calculate the total vertical offset.

  3. Next, determine the horizontal offset.

    Calculate the total horizontal offset.

  4. Finally, calculate the rolling offset.

    Calculate the total distance of the pipe of the rolling offset using the formula or calculator above.


What is a rolling offset?

A rolling offset is a pipe that connects two disjointed connectors.