Enter the design stress and factor of safety into the calculator to determine the estimated yield strength of the material.

Yield Strength Formula

The following formula can be used to estimate a yield strength

Ys = fs * Ds 
  • Where Ys is the yield strength
  • fs is the safety factor
  • Ds is the design stress

To calculate yield strength, multiply the safety factor by the design stress.

This value is only an estimate. True yield strength can only be determined through experimental processes.

Yield Strength Definition

Yield strength is defined as the maximum amount of stress a material can take without causing permanent deformation.

Yield Strength Example

How to calculate a yield strength?

  1. First, determined the safety factor.

    Determine the safety factor of the design.

  2. Next, determine the design stress.

    Determine the maximum design stress.

  3. Finally, calculate the yield strength.

    Calculate the yield strength using the formula above.


What is a yield strength?

Yield strength is the maximum amount of stress or force that can be applied to a material or object without causing permanent change to the shape. In other words, at which point does the material surpass its elastic limit.

What is a design stress?

Design stress is the maximum surface stress of a simple load.

What is a safety factor?

A safety factor is a factor that is used in engineering design to determine the safe operating limits or maximum stress a structure should be able to withstand.