Enter the force and the diameter of the indentation into the calculator to determine Vickers Hardness Number.

Vickers Hardness Number Formula

The following formula is used to calculate Vickers Hardness Number.

VHN = 1.854 * (F/D^2)
  • Where VHN is Vickers Hardness Number
  • F is the force applied to the sphere (kg-f)
  • D is the diameter of the indentation (mm)

To calculate Vickers Hardness Number, divide the force by the diameter of the indentation squared, then multiply by 1.854.

What is Vickers Hardness Number?


Vickers Hardness Number is a measure of a materials relative hardness to that of steel.

How to calculate Vickers Hardness Number?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate a Vickers Hardness Number.

First, determine the force applied during the hardness test. In this case, the force is 40kg-f.

Next, determine the indentation left by the sphere. For this example, the indentation is 5mm.

Finally, calculate Vickers Hardness Number using the formula above:

VHN = 1.854 * (F/D^2)

VHN = 1.854 * (40/5^2)

VHN = 2.9664