Enter the ppm of phosphorous, antimony, tin, and arsenic of the filler metal into the calculator to determine the x-factor.

X Factor Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an X factor for welding.

X = (10*P + 5*Sb + 4*Sn + As) / 100
  • Where X is the x-factor
  • P is the amount of phosphorous (ppm)
  • Sb is the amount of antimony (ppm)
  • Sn is the amount of tin (ppm)
  • As is the amount of arsenic (ppm)

To calculate the X factor, multiply the amount phosphorous by 10, amount of antimony by 5, amount of tin by 4, add the results together along with the amount of arsenic, then divide by 100.

X Factor Definition

What is an x-factor for welding? An x-factor is a term used in welding to describe the metal filler or weldment’s resistance to brittleness or loss of toughness when the weldment is held.

Example Problem

How to calculate an X factor?

  1. First, determine the amount of phosphorous.

    For this example, there is 10 ppm of phosphorous.

  2. Next, determine the amount of antimony.

    For this example, there is 20 ppm of antimony.

  3. Next, determine the amount of tin.

    For this problem, there is 15 ppm of tin.

  4. Next, determine the amount of arsenic.

    For this example, there is 5 ppm of arsenic.

  5. Finally, calculate the x factor.

    Using the formula, X = (10*10 + 20*5 + 15*4 + 5) / 100 = 2.65

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