Enter the total wattage used by the welding machine and the operational hours into the calculator to determine the welding machine load.

Welding Machine Load Formula

The following equation is used to calculate a Welding Machine Load.

WML = P * T /1000
  • Where WML is the Welding Machine Load (kWh)
  • P is the power consumption of the welding machine (watts)
  • T is the operational hours (hours)

To calculate a welding machine load, multiply the power consumption by the operational hours.

What is a Welding Machine Load?


A Welding Machine Load is a measure of the total electricity used by a welding machine during a given period.

How to calculate Welding Machine Load?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate a Welding Machine Load.

First, determine the wattage of the welding machine. In this case, the welding machine is rated for a wattage of 4000 watts.

Next, determine the operational hours. This welding machine runs 8 hours per day.

Finally, calculate the Welding Machine Load using the formula above:

WML = P * T /1000

WML = 4000 * 8 /1000

WML = 32 kWh