Density Calculator

Calculate the density of an object. Enter the volume and weight of something to evaluate the density. Density is a measure of weight per unit volume. In other words, how much mass is in a set volume.

Density Formula

Density can be calculated using several different methods, but the most common is the following:

D = m / v

  • Where D is density
  • m is mass typically measured in kg
  • v is volume, typically measure in cubic meters

Density Definition

Density is a ratio of mass to volume of an object or substance.

How to calculate density

  1. First, determine the mass of the object you are calculating the density of. This can be done through the use of a scale, or a formula. Lets say it’s 400lbs.
  2. Next, measure the volume of the object. This can be done by measure the length, width and height, and using the formula. Let’s say is 4 FT X 4 FT x 5 FT. This gives us a total volume of 80 FT^3.
  3. Now divide the mass by the weight. 400lbs/80FT^3 = 5 lbs/ft^3.
  4. Alternatively, you can just enter the values in the calculator above.

Another way density is described is volumetric mass density. It’s typically denoted using the greek letter rho, ρ. For pure substances and elements the density of that substance is equal to the mass concentration.


How is density measured?

The most common way density is measured is using a hydrometer. A hydrometer measures the force acting on an object due to buoyancy. It then calculates the density of the object from the amount of water displaced since the density of water is known.

density calculator
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