Enter the temperature of the water into the density of water calculator. The calculator will display the water density.

Density of Water Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the water density.

D = 1000 * {1 - [(T + 288.94) /5089* (T + 68.1296)] * (T – 3.986)^2}
  • Where D is the density in kg/m^3
  • and T is the temperature in Kelvin

It’s important to keep the units of measure of temperature consistent throughout the use of the formula.

Density of Water Definition

The density of water is determined by the temperature of the water only since water is incompressible and not affected by pressure.

How to calculate the density of water?

How to calculate water density

  1. First, measure the temperature of the water

    Using a temperature measurement device, measure the temperature of the water.

  2. Next, convert the temperature value

    Since the formula used Kelvin as the unit for temperature, you need to convert the measured value to Kelvin.

  3. Calculate the water density

    Calculate the water density using the temperature and formula above. You can also simply plug in the values to the calculator.


What is water density?

Water density is the total mass of water in a certain volume.

Does pressure effect water density?

Not in any significant way. That’s because typically water is considered an a compressible fluid.