Dilution Factor Calculator (Dilutant to Stock Ratio)

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Dilution Factor Calculator

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Enter the initial volume and the dilution volume into the calculator below to determine the final volume and the dilution factor. The dilution factor is the ratio of dilutant to total stock or volume.

Dilution Factor Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the dilution factor.

D:S = D / S
  • Where D:S is the dilutant-to-stock volume ratio
  • D is the volume of dilutant
  • S is the volume of the stock (also known as the total volume)

As with all ratios, the formula for calculating that ratio is a simple division. It’s important to remember that the units should be the same for the volume of the dilution and the final volume. Otherwise, you will not get the correct ratio.

Dilution Factor Definition

A dilution factor is the ratio of the volume of a dilutant to the total volume of the stock or solution the dilutant is going into.

How to calculate dilution factor?

How to calculate a dilution factor?

  1. First, measure the volume of the dilution.

    Measure the volume of the dilutant being added to the stock.

  2. Next, measure the volume of the solution.

    Measure the total volume of the solution/stock.

  3. Finally, calculate the dilution factor.

    Using the equation above to calculate the dilution factor.


What is a dilution factor and why is it important in scientific experiments?
A dilution factor is a quantitative term representing the ratio of solute to solvent in a solution. It’s essential in scientific experiments for accurately preparing solutions of precise concentrations, ensuring the reproducibility and reliability of experimental results.

How do you calculate the dilution factor?
The dilution factor can be calculated using the formula: Dilution Factor = Volume of Stock / Volume of Dilutant. It’s a measure of how much a solution has been diluted with a solvent and is crucial for achieving the desired concentration in laboratory settings.

Can the dilution factor calculator be used for any type of solution?
Yes, a dilution factor calculator can be used for any type of solution where there is a need to dilute a concentrated stock solution to a lower concentration. It is versatile and can be applied in various fields such as chemistry, biology, and pharmacology.

Dilution Factor Calculator
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