Dilution Calculator

Enter the final volume, desired concentration, and stock concentration into the calculator below to determine the total volume of stock concentration needed to dilute your substance to your desired amount.

Dilution Formula

This calculator used the following formula to calculate the volume that needs to be added.

M1V1 = M2V2

  • Where M1 is initial molarity
  • V1 is the initial volume
  • M2 is the final molarity
  • V2 is the final volume

How to calculate a dilution

  1. FIrst, determine the initial molarity and initial volume.

    This is be the initial molarity and volume of the solution at time = 0.

  2. Next, determine the final volume

    This will be the final Cvolume of the solution after a certain time where another solution or base has been added to the solution.

  3. Calculate the final molarity

    Molarity and Volume are directly proportional. With 3 variables the 4th can be calculated.


What is a dilution?

A dilution is a term used in chemistry to describe the process of one substance becoming more or less prevalent within a given volume.

dilution calculator
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