Molality Calculator

Enter the moles of the solute and the mass of the solvent to calculate the molality of that solution.

Molality Formula

Molality is described as the amount of solute divided by the mass of the solvent. Where the amount of solvent is measure in moles, and the mass of the solvent is measured in kg. This can be displayed as follows:

Molality is another way of conceptualizing the concentration of a solute to solvent in a solution. If you are unsure of the quantity of moles, you can visit our moles calculators. In simple terms, moles is the ration of atoms to mass of a atom or substance.

Molality = N / M

Where N is the number of moles of solute, and M is the mass of the solvent.

Molality is not to be confused with molarity. Molarity is a measure of concentration just like molality, but instead, it’s expressed as a unit per volume instead of a unit per mass like molality.

How to calculate molality

  1. Choose your solute/subtance

    For example – H20

  2. Calculate the molar mass of that substance

    Visit the molar mass calculator

  3. Calculate the molar mass the moles

    Now you have the total number of moles of your solute

  4. Enter the moles calculated above and the mass of the solvent

    Now you have your molality of your concentration.

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