Enter the weight of the material when wet and the weight of the material when dry to calculate the dry matter percentage.

Dry Matter Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a dry matter percentage.

DM% = DW / WW *100

  • Where DM% is the dry matter percentage
  • WW is the total weight while wet
  • DW is the total weight while dry

Dry Matter Definition

Dry matter is a term typically used in the field of agriculture to describe the amount of feed that is dry weight, i.e. the percentage of the weight of a feed that is actual food and not water.

Dry Matter Example

How to calculate dry matter?

  1. First, determine the wet weight.

    Measure the total weight of the sample when wet.

  2. Next, evaporate all of the moisture.

    Evaporate off all of the moisture from the feed, or drain the water to the best of your ability.

  3. Next, measure the dry weight.

    Measure the weight after the moisture has been removed.

  4. Finally, calculate the dry matter.

    Calculate the percentage of dry matter using the equation above.


What is dry matter?

Dry matter is defined as all weight that comes from sources other than water/moisture.