Enter the wet weight and the weight after drying an object into the calculator to determine the moisture content.

Moisture Content Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate moisture content.

MC = (w – d) / w * 100

  • Where MC is the moisture content (%)
  • w is the weight while wet
  • d is the weight while dry

Moisture Content Definition

Moisture content is defined as the percentage of the weight of a saturated object that is associated with water.

Moisture Content Example

How to calculate moisture content?

  1. First, determine the weight of the object while wet.

    Using a scale, we find the object to be 20g while wet.

  2. Next, determine the weight while dry.

    After drying the object, we weigh it again and find that the weight is 10g.

  3. Finally, calculate the moisture content.

    Using the formula we find the moisture content to be 50%.


What is a moisture content?

Moisture content is a percentage of the total weight of an object that is due to moisture within the object.