Enter the total number of customer orders shipped and the total number of orders placed into the calculator to determine the fill rate. This calculator can also determine the order shipped or placed given the other variables.

Fill Rate Formula

The fill rate formula is the total number of orders shipped divided by the total number of orders placed.

FR = OS / OP
  • Where FR is the fill rate
  • OS is the orders shipped
  • OP is the orders placed

To calculate the fill rate percentage, multiply the ratio above by 100.

Fill Rate Definition

What is fill rate? A fill rate is a ratio of shipped orders to placed orders and measures the ability of a company to fulfill the orders placed by their customer base.

How to calculate fill rate?

To calculate the fill rate, first determine the total number of orders shipped during a time period. For example a time period of 10 months. Next, determine the total number of orders placed during the same time period. Finally, take those two values and use the formula FR = OS / OP to calculate the fill rate.

How to improve fill rate?

The two main ways to improve fill rate are to either hire more workers to increase the rate that you can ship orders, or improve the efficiency of your process so that you can ship more orders with the same manpower.

What is fill rate in advertising?

The fill rate in advertising is different from the normal fill rate. A fill rate in advertising is a ratio of the total number of advertisements shown divided by the total possible positions the advertisement could have shown.

Why is fill rate important?

Fill rate as it pertains to retail or supply chain is important because the higher the fill rate the better a company can serve its customers in a timely manner. Serving customers promptly increase returning customers.

What is a good fill rate?

A good fill rate typically falls between .90-1 or 90% to 100%. Anything lower than 90% will quickly lead to an increasing backlog and delays.

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