Enter the patient’s weight, target hemoglobin, and current hemoglobin into the calculator to determine the iron deficit using the Ganzoni formula. This calculator helps in estimating the total iron dose needed for iron deficiency anemia treatment.

Ganzoni Formula

The Ganzoni formula is used to calculate the total iron deficit in patients with iron deficiency anemia. The formula is as follows:

\text{ID} = (\text{Hb}_{\text{target}} - \text{Hb}_{\text{current}}) \times \text{Weight} \times 2.4 + 500


  • ID is the iron deficit (mg)
  • Hbtarget is the target hemoglobin level (g/L)
  • Hbcurrent is the current hemoglobin level (g/L)
  • Weight is the patient’s weight (kg)

To calculate the iron deficit, subtract the current hemoglobin level from the target hemoglobin level, multiply by the patient’s weight and a factor of 2.4, and then add 500 mg for iron stores.

What is the Ganzoni Formula?

The Ganzoni formula is a clinical tool used to estimate the total iron dose required to correct iron deficiency anemia. It takes into account the patient’s weight, their current hemoglobin level, and the target hemoglobin level to calculate the iron deficit. This formula is particularly useful for determining the dosage of intravenous iron therapy.

How to Calculate Iron Deficit with the Ganzoni Formula?

The following steps outline how to calculate the iron deficit using the Ganzoni formula.

  1. First, determine the patient’s weight (kg).
  2. Next, determine the target hemoglobin level (Hbtarget) in g/L.
  3. Then, determine the current hemoglobin level (Hbcurrent) in g/L.
  4. Use the Ganzoni formula: ID = (Hbtarget – Hbcurrent) * Weight * 2.4 + 500.
  5. Finally, calculate the iron deficit (ID) in mg.
  6. After inserting the variables and calculating the result, check your answer with the calculator above.

Example Problem:

Use the following variables as an example problem to test your knowledge.

Weight (kg) = 70

Target Hemoglobin (Hbtarget) = 130 g/L

Current Hemoglobin (Hbcurrent) = 100 g/L