Enter the absolute pressure and the atmospheric pressure into the calculator to determine the gauge pressure. This calculator can also determine atmospheric or gauge pressures given the other variables are known.

Gauge Pressure Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the gauge pressure.

Pg = Pa - Pat
  • Where Pg is the gauge pressure
  • Pa is the absolute pressure
  • Pat is the atmospheric pressure

To calculate gauge pressure, subtract the atmospheric pressure from the absolute pressure.

Gauge Pressure Definition

Gauge pressure is a pressure measurement by an instrument minus the atmospheric pressure surrounding the gauge.

Gauge Pressure Example

How to calculate gauge pressure?

  1. First, determine the absolute pressure.

    Calculate the absolute pressure.

  2. Next, determine the atmospheric pressure.

    Measure the atmospheric pressure.

  3. Finally, calculate the gauge pressure.

    Calculate the gauge pressure using the formula above.


What is a gauge pressure?

Gauge pressure is a pressure measured by an instrument without taking into account the atmospheric pressure around it.

How is gauge pressure calculated?

The gauge pressure is calculated by subtracting the atmospheric pressure from the absolute pressure.