Enter the gauge number into the calculator to determine the thickness in millimeters.

Gauge To Mm Formula

The following formula is used to convert gauge to millimeters for sheet metal.

mm = 11.684 - (0.934 * G)


  • mm is the thickness in millimeters
  • G is the gauge number

To calculate the thickness in millimeters, subtract the product of 0.934 and the gauge number from 11.684. This formula is specific to sheet metal and may not apply to other materials.

What is a Gauge To Mm?

Gauge to mm is a conversion used to measure the thickness of materials such as metal and plastic. Gauge is a standard unit of measure for sheet metal and wire products, but it is not universally standardized and varies between material types. Therefore, it is often converted to millimeters (mm) for a more universally understood measurement. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the material. For example, a 16 gauge metal is thinner than a 10 gauge metal.