Gear Reduction Calculator

Enter the torque, RPM, and gear ratio into the calculator to determine the toque and RPM output after gear reduction.

Gear Reduction Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the output values of a gear reduction.

OT = IT * GR


  • Where OT is the output torque
  • IT is the input torque
  • GR is the gear reduction ratio
  • ORPM is the output RPM
  • IRPM is the input RPM

Gear Reduction Definition

A gear reduction is defined as the change in torque with respect to a set of interlocking gears.

Gear Reduction Example

How to calculate gear reduction?

  1. First, determine the input torque.

    Measure the input torque.

  2. Next, determine the gear reduction ratio.

    Calculate the gear reduction ratio.

  3. Finally, calculate the output torque.

    Calculate the output torque using the equation above.


What is a gear reduction?

A gear reduction is the change in RPM or Torque of a rotating object due to two or more interlocking gears. These gears will cause corresponding objects to rotate slower or fast depending on the size of the gears.

What is a gear?

A gear is a circular device that when paired together with another gear, produces a change in rotation speed due to different diameters.

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