Torque Calculator

Enter the total force, radius of the applied force, and the angle at which it is applied to calculate the total torque on an object.

Torque is a force that is applied along a radius that causes and object to rotate. Force, just like velocity is a vector quantity meaning it has a magnitude and direction. With that said, the direction of the torque is often ignored in some calculations, especially in your introductory physics classes.

The formula for torque is:

Torque (t) = radius (r) * force (F) * sin (theta)

Where radius is the distance at which the force is being applied, and theta is the angle at which it’s being applied.

This can also be written as a cross product of two vectors, but we will not go that deep in this article as it’s a little more advanced and harder to write out.

Torque causes an object to rotate and as a result, it will make this object accelerate in an angular motion, and give it momentum.

This will cause the object to have a velocity after some period of time, and in tern will have a kinetic energy. This can be calculated through the following equation:

Energy = torque * theta

Where theta is the total angle rotated by that object.

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