Enter the red blood cell % and mean corpuscular volume (MCV) into the calculator to determine the hematocrit (HCT).

HCT Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a hematocrit:

HCT = RBC * MCV / 10 
  • Where HCT is the hematocrit
  • RBC is the red blood cell percentage (%)
  • MCV is the mean corpuscular volume

To calculate HCT, multiply the red blood cell percentage by the mean corpuscular volume, then divide by 10.

HCT Definition

What is HCT?

HCT, short for hematocrit, is a blood test performed to determine the number of red blood cells in someone’s blood.

Example Problem

How to calculate HCT?

  1. First, determine the red blood cell percentage (%).

    For this example, the red blood cell percentage is found to be 47%.

  2. Next, determine the mean corpuscular volume.

    For this problem, the mean corpuscular volume is found to be. 750 mL.

  3. Finally, calculate the hematocrit.

    Using the formula above, the hematocrit is found to be:
    HCT = RBC * MCV / 10
    HCT = 47% * .750L / 10
    HCT = 3.52%/L