Enter the total heat energy and the mass of the liquid into the calculator to determine the heat of vaporization.

Heat of Vaporization Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the heat of vaporization.

Hv = q / m

  • Where Hv is the heat of vaporization (J/g)
  • q is the total heat of the liquid at the vaporization point. (J)
  • m is the total mass of the liquid (g)

Heat of Vaporization Definition

The heat of vaporization is a measure of the amount of energy it takes to vaporize a liquid.

Heat of Vaporization Example

How to calculate heat of vaporization?

  1. First, determine the mass of the liquid.

    Measure the total mass of the liquid being vaporized.

  2. Next, determine the total heat.

    Add heat to the liquid until the liquid starts to vaporize. Measure the total heat at this point.

  3. Finally, calculate heat of vaporization.

    Divide the total heat by the total mass to determine the heat of vaporization.


What is heat of vaporization?

A heat of vaporization is the total energy per unit mass required to vaporize a liquid.

What is vaporization?

Vaporization is the process of turning a liquid into a gas.