Enter your height and your select your sex from the drop-down menu to calculator your ideal waist size.

Ideal Waist Size Formula

The following formula can be used to approximate your ideal waist size.

IDW = H * .45 + F
  • Where IDW is your ideal waist size
  • H is your height
  • F is a factor whether you are male or female.

To calculate your ideal waist size, multiply your height by .45, then add in the factor based on whether you are male or female.

Ideal Waist Size Definition

Ideal waist size is defined as the ideal circumference of your waist based on your height to be considered healthy.

Ideal Waist Size Example

How to calculate an ideal waist size?

  1. First, determine your height.

    Measure height in inches or centimeters.

  2. Next, calculate your ideal waist size.

    Using the calculator above, determine your ideal waist size.


What is an ideal waist size?

An ideal waist size is typically considered to be between 35% and 45% of your height.