Waist to Height Ratio Calculator / WHtR Calculator

Enter your total height and total waist circumference. The calculator will evaluate and display your waist to height ratio. Compare the results with the table below. The waist to height ratio is also know as your WHtR.

Waist to Height Ratio Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate your ratio of your waist circumference to height.

W:H = W / H

  • Where W is your waist circumference
  • H is your height

Healthy Ratios

Use the chart below to determine if you have a healthy height to weight ratio. It’s important to keep in mind that these are generalized values and your real health may vary based on genetics.


What is a waist to height ratio used for?

Waist to height ratios are used to estimate a persons health. The wider the waist the more body fat on average and less healthy a person is.

waist to height ratio calculator
waist to height ratio formula