Enter your wingspan and height into the calculator to determine your wingspan to height ratio, also known as APE index.

APE Index Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a wingspan to height ratio.

APE = W / H
  • Where APE is your wingspan to height ratio
  • W is your total wingspan measured from finger tip to finger tip
  • H is you height measure from feet to head

To calculate your ape index, divide your wingspan from finger tip to finger tip by your overall height.

Wingspan to Height Definition

What is a wingspan to height ratio?

A wingspan to height ratio is a ratio of the length of a person’s wingspan to their height. A wingspan is a measure of length from the tip of one hand to the other when they are extended out as far as possible on either side of the body.

What is a normal APE index?

The typical wingspan to height ratio is right around 1. Those with ratios greater than 1 would be considered to have long arms in relation to their body.

Example Problem

How to calculate wingspan to height ratio?

First, measure your total wingspan. With outstretched arms on either side of you body measure the further two points on your hand (typically middle finger to middle finger). In this example, the person is measured to have a wingspan of 75 inches.

Next, measure you height without shoes. For this example, the person is measured to be 70 inches tall.

Finally, calculate the wingspan to height ratio using the formula above:

APE = W / H

APE = 75 / 70

APE = 1.071