Enter your weight in pounds and your weight while gripping the bar into the calculator to determine your grip strength.

Grip Strength Formula

The following equation is used to calculate Grip Strength.

GS = W – WHB

  • Where GS is your grip strength (lbs)
  • W is your body weight (lbs)
  • WHB is your body weight while gripping the bar

What is Grip Strength?


Grip strength is a measure of the amount of force a person can generate through their forearm-hand axis.

How to Calculate Grip Strength?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Grip Strength.

First, determine your body weight. In this example, the person weighs 180 lbs.

Next, determine your body weight while gripping the bar. For this problem, the body weight while gripping is 100 lbs.

Finally, calculate the grip strength using the formula above:

GS = W – WHB

GS = 180-100

GS = 80lbs