Enter your hip circumference and your height into the calculator to determine your body adiposity index (BAI).

BAI Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a body adiposity index.

BAI = ( HIP / (HEIGHT^1.^5)) - 18

  • Where BAI is the body adiposity index (%)
  • HIP is your hip circumference (cm)
  • Height is your height (m)

BAI Definition

What is BAI?

BAI is a term that stands for body adiposity index. It’s used to estimate the total amount of weight on your body that is fat.

It should be noted that this is only an estimation, and there are many ways to estimate body fat amounts and percentages.

Example Problem

How to calculate BAI?

First, determine the circumference of your hip. This can be done with a tape measurer and should be done just below the belly button. For this example, the circumference was found to be 94cm.

Next, determine the person’s height. In this example, the person is found to be 1.85 meters.

Finally, calculate the BAI using the formula above:

BAI = ( HIP / (HEIGHT^1.5)) – 18

BAI = ( 94 / (1.5^1.5)) – 18

BAI = 33.16%