Enter your total height and the length of your upper leg (from knee to hip) into the calculator to determine your sitting height.

Sitting Height Definition

The following formula is used to estimate your sitting height from the floor to the top of your head.

  • Where SH is your sitting height
  • TH is your total height measured standing
  • KTH is the length from your knee to the bottom of your hip bone

To calculate your sitting height, subtract the length from your knee to the bottom of your hip bone from your total standing height.

What is the correct height for my desk?

The correct sitting height for someone sitting at a desk depends both on the person’s height and the desks height. The person should be sitting so that their legs are at a perfect 45 dedgree angle bend when the feet are flat on the ground.

The desk should subsequently be at a spot at which when a person sits upright, their arms sit comfrotably on the desk and the screen is directly ahead.

What is a good sitting height?

A good sitting height varies from person to person, but a rule of thump is that you should be comfortably sitting and able to see your screen without looking down or hunching.

How to calculate a sitting height?

Sitting height example problem:

First, determine your overal height. For this example problem, the person is 75 inches tall.

Next, determine the length from your knee to the bottom of your hip. In this case, the person’s knee to hip length is 28 inches.

Finally, calculate your estimated sitting height using the formula above:


SH = 75 – 28

SH = 47 inches