Enter the DC bus voltage (volts) and the difference in modulation indices into the calculator to determine the Inverter Voltage. 

Inverter Voltage Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the Inverter Voltage. 

VI = Vdc * dm


  • Where VI  is the Inverter Voltage (volts)
  • Vdc is the DC bus voltage (volts) 
  • dm is the difference in modulation indices 

To calculate an inverter voltage, multiply the DC bus voltage by the difference in modulation indices.

How to Calculate Inverter Voltage?

The following two example problems outline how to calculate the Inverter Voltage.

Example Problem #1:

  1. First, determine the DC bus voltage (volts). In this example, the DC bus voltage (volts) is measured to be 95.
  2. Next, determine the difference in modulation indices. For this problem, the difference in modulation indices is calculated to be .45.
  3. Finally, calculate the Inverter Voltage using the formula above: 

VI = Vdc * dm

Inserting the values from above and solving the equation with the imputed values gives: 

VI = 95 * .45 = 42.75 (volts)


What is the significance of the DC bus voltage in an inverter’s operation?

The DC bus voltage is crucial in an inverter’s operation as it serves as the primary source of power that the inverter converts into AC voltage. The level of DC bus voltage directly influences the output voltage and overall efficiency of the inverter, making it a key parameter in inverter design and performance.

How does the difference in modulation indices affect inverter voltage?

The difference in modulation indices affects the inverter voltage by determining the ratio of the output voltage to the input DC bus voltage. A higher modulation index difference means a higher output voltage from the inverter, allowing for better control over the inverter’s output to meet specific requirements.

Can the formula for calculating inverter voltage be applied to any type of inverter?

While the formula provided is a basic representation useful for understanding the relationship between DC bus voltage, modulation indices, and inverter voltage, the actual calculation may vary depending on the type of inverter and its specific design. It’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s documentation or a professional when applying this formula to specialized inverters.