Kinetic Energy Calculator

Enter the mass of an object and it’s velocity to calculate it’s current kinetic energy. This can also be calculate through momentum and mass.

The standard formula for kinetic energy is the following:

Kinetic Energy (K) = 1/2 * mass (m) * velocity (v)^2

The formula for kinetic energy that uses momentum is the following:

Kinetic Energy (K) = momentum (p) ^2 / 2 * mass (m)

Kinetic Energy is the energy an object possess due to it’s motion. It’s further defined as the work needed to accelerate an object to a certain velocity. The standard SI unit for kinetic energy is joules (J).

Kinetic Energy is just one of many forms of energy. There’s chemical energy, electromagnetic energy, gravitational energy, nuclear energy, and more. Kinetic energy is the one that deals specifically with motion and the energy that comes from that motion. Another general form of energy is potential energy.

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