Enter the total energy and the total volume of a system into the calculator to determine the energy density.

Energy Density Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the energy density of a volume.

E_d = E / V
  • Where Ed is the energy density (J/m^3)
  • E is the total energy (J)
  • V is the total volume (m^3)

To calculate energy density, divide the total energy by the total volume.

Energy Density Definition

An energy density is defined as the total energy per unit of volume or area of a system.

Energy Density Example

How to calculate energy density?

  1. First, measure the total energy of the system.

    For this example, we will say we calculated the total energy to be 1,000 Joules.

  2. Next, determine the total volume.

    Measuring the total volume we find our system is 40 m^3.

  3. Finally, calculate the energy density.

    Using the formula we find the energy density to be 1,000/40 = 25 J/m^3.


What is energy density?

Energy density is a measure of the total energy per unit volume of a system. It can also be the energy per unit area when looking at a surface area.

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