Enter the air temperature and dew point into the calculator to determine the 2 mixing ratios.

Mixing Ratio Formula

The following 3 formulas are used to calculate the mixing ratio of air.

MR = 6.11 X 10 ^ ( 7.5*DP/(237.7+DP))

SMR = 6.11 X 10 ^ ( 7.5*T/(237.7+T))

  • Where DP is the dew point (C)
  • T is the temperature
  • MR is the mixing ratio
  • SMR is the saturated mixing ratio

Mixing Ratio Definitoin

A mixing ratio is defined as the ratio of the mass of water vapor in the air to the mass of the dray air.

Mixing Ratio Example

How to calculate mixing ratio?

  1. First, determine the dew point.

    Calculate the dew point of the air.

  2. Next, measure the temperature.

    Measure or calculate the temperature of the air.

  3. Finally, calculate the mixing ratio.

    Use the formula above to calculate the mixing ratio.


What is a mixing ratio?

A mixing ratio is a ratio of the total mass of water vapor in the air to the total mass of dry air. In other words how much water is suspended per unit of dry air.

How is mixing ratio calculated?

A mixing ratio is calculated using the temperature and dew point.

mixing ratio formula