Enter the width of the control surface and the linear deflection into the calculator to determine the degrees from mm. This calculate can also determine the linear deflection or control surface width when given the other variables.

MM to Degree Formula

The following equation is used to calculate MM to Degrees.

  • Where D is the degrees
  • LD is the linear deflection
  • CSW is the control surface width

To calculate degrees from mm, take the arcsine value of the linear deflection divide by the control surface width.

What is MM to Degree ?


MM is a unit of distance, and degrees are a unit for angles, so in order to convert between the two, two different dimensions in millimeters must be known.

How to Calculate MM to Degree?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate MM to Degree.

First, determine the total linear deflection. In this example, the linear deflection is found to be 40mm.

Next, determine the control surface width. In this case, this is measured to be 50mm.

Finally, calculate the degrees using the formula above:


D = ASIN(40/50)

D = 53.13 degrees