Enter the total number of moles of a substance into the moles to atoms calculator. The calculator will display the total number of atoms in those moles. This calculator can also determine the number of moles given the atoms.

Moles to Atoms Formula

The following formula is used to convert the total moles to total atoms.

A = M * 6.0221415*10^23

  • Where A is the number of atoms
  • M is the number of moles

To calculate the number of atoms from moles, multiply the number of moles by 6.0221415*10^23.

Moles to Atoms Definition

Converting moles to atoms is as simple as multiplying the number of moles by the 6.022 * 10^23 because by definition that is what a mole represents.

Example Problem

how to calculate the number of atoms from moles?

First, determine the total number of moles in the substance. In general, this is done by multiplying the total number of moles per unit of volume by the total volume.

For this example, the substance has a density of 500 moles per mL of substance and there are a total of 3 mL of substance.

Moles = D * V = 500 * 300 = 1500 moles.

Finally, calculate the total amount of atoms in the substance using the formula above:

A = M * 6.0221415*10^23

A = 150 * 6.0221415*10^23

A = 9.0332122e+25


What is a mole?

A mole is a term used in chemistry to describe a certain amount of a substance. Moles are unitless and represent a total amount of atoms of 6.0221415*10^23 atoms.

How do you convert moles to grams?

To convert moles to grams, your first need to convert the moles to atoms. Once you know the total number of atoms, you must multiply the atoms by the average mass of one atom of a substance.